Friday, June 15, 2012

Where oh where has the time gone. This is going to be a really long post since i am covering all of 2011. Life got so busy and i put off updating my blog and then with life resent events i realized how important it really is. I don't write in a journal so this makes up for it. I don't even know where to begin. So after i last posted we packed up and moved to Virgina for a few months. Jason was off track and i was working from home with ATT so we figured we would never be able to do something like that again. We felt it was important for his family to get to know the girls better and have some time with them. We had a great time driving for 4 days and the girls were so good in the car. We had a great time! We were there from the end of Dec to the end of Feb. Jason's grandma let us live in her other house. It was so nice. We had our own space and we were still close to family. After that we drove down to San Antonio for the month of March. We had the first of many family reunions for my side of the family and it was great! We rented out the Robert's VRBO. It was perfect. We had a great time spending the week together. It was really a good idea. Its hard to get all together because we live so far away but it was really nice to be there with everyone. It was a very emotional time. Jason and I had the privilage of being Alma and Andre's escorts as they went to through the temple for the first time. It was an amazing experience. What a miracle it was to sit there in the celestial room with my whole family. I never thought that day would come. They have both worked so hard and come so far. It was a blessing from Heavenly Father and a testimony that he answers prayers. We were in Texas for about a month and then made our way back to Rexburg.
          April came and Jason started school again and life went back to normal. I was still working from home with ATT and life was great! May- Sydney turned one!!! That happened soooo fast. She started walking at 11 months as soon as we got home from Texas. She is such a funny little girl and we love watching her grow and learn new things. I stopped working for ATT because our project ended. I was sad because it was so perfect and we were making great money. I really loved it. I went back to Melaleuca working nights. AND........ We found out WE WERE PREGNANT!!!! We were so excited!
         June- I got braces!!! and man that hurt! I was more painful than having a baby. That first month i thought i would die. Summer came and we had a blast playing with Abbie and the kids downstairs. It was really nice to have such a great neighbor and kids around the same age for the girls to play with. We put Addyson in swimming lessons and she loved it!
        July Addyson turned 3 and Jason turned 27. There was alot of celebrating. Nana came in July also and potty trained Addyson in like 3 days. It was amazing! Sept I turned 30 and it was great! Jason did such a good job planning a party. We had friends over and had cake and ice cream. HE GOT ME AN IPAD!! I was totally shocked! I dont think i have ever been that surprised! I was speechless. I really didnt know what to say. I really loved it but i took it back. I just thought it was the same thing as my iphone and i didnt really use it. We also found out WE WERE HAVING A BOY!!!! I was totally shocked! but super excited. Jason kinda seemed taken back at first but he was very happy. I had always wanted a boy but I was so used to our girls that I didn't really know what to think about a boy.
        Oct came and Jason started to have some problems with the program he was in at school. He never really wanted to do construction but it was the closest to Architecture that BYU-I had so we just went with it. It was just going down hill so we started looking else where. One of Jason's teachers told him about Urban Planning at the U so we started looking into it. It was really weird but it seemed like it was the right thing for us to do. We pray a lot about it and really felt that it was the right move for our family. We didn't know how it would work we just had faith that Heavenly Father would take care of us, and that he did. We began preparing to move and things all just kinda fell into place. We drove down to Utah and found the perfect house. We looked all over the valley but we really like it out in Eagle Mountain and that is where we decided on. Nov and Dec came fast. We were sad to leave good friends behind in Idaho but we were happy to be leaving too. I was perfect for the time we were there but we were ready for a change. I got my braces off right before we left Rexburg! It was bittersweet. I was excited but nervous. I really loved my new smile!
       Dec we arrive in Utah and start settling into our new home. The girls adjusted well for the most part. At first Addyson had a hard time and came up to me and said with tears in her eyes " mommy i want to go home". It was the saddest thing i have ever seen. After that she was fine. It just took me telling her that this was our new home and she was fine. I was SUPER prego by this time and it was hard trying to get moved in and take care of the girls. Jason is AMAZING and got the truck unpacked with just 1 friend in like 4 hours in the freezing cold and snow. Not only that, he had the whole house set up in like 3 days. Everything out of boxes and set-up. He is seriously the best husband EVER! Christmas came and we were really excited because this year Addyson was old enough to get excited. Sydney just kinda of sat there not really sure what to do. It was the first year we celebrated Christmas alone. It was nice but i missed our families. We had a great time though. That was 2011 in a nut shell. I am sure i missed lots of things and I will go back and add them in as i remember them. I was a great year and we learned a lot. We were really blessed and looking back i can see the hand of the Lord every step of the way. Next post I will catch you up to speed in 2012!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Well the Thanksgiving started out with a bit of a let down cause my family was supposed to fly in but because of the weather they could not. So last minute we were stuck with nowhere to go for turkey day. Luckily our Bishop was having something for those that were not going out of town, so we went to that. IT WAS AMAZING!! Bishop Lamb has a PHD in meat or something like that. He cooked 2 smoke turkeys and they were DELICIOUS! After that we can and put the girls down for their naps and we played games with Kelsey.
Later that night we went to stand in line at walmart for black friday sales. It was 9 degrees outside so Jason and I took turns standing outside while the other sat in the car and got warm. We got there at 7:30 and the doors opened at 10pm. But stupid walmart wouldnt let you take anything of the shelves till 12:01am. I was so mad, in fact, I yelled at 2 managers. Why the crap did they let us stand outside and freeze if they knew we would not even have an advantage. Oh well, we got all we wanted from there and thats all that matters. Sam and Danny met us there at about 9:30 and when we got done with walmart they guys went home to sleep while Sam and I went to Idaho Falls and did some more shopping. We stayed out way too late and spent way too much money, but we had A BLAST! It was so much fun and we got some great deals. It was a great weekend! I was sad my family could not come but spending money made me feel a little better.
We got a ton of snow from the blizzard in Utah and Addyson had a blast playing in it.
We found a tree for 25 bucks at target on sat so we set it up on Sunday. Addyson loves it! When we turn on the lights she cracks up and dances around and says"free"(Tree). She loved helping Daddy put the ornaments on. She is stinkin cute. Here are some pics.

Monday, November 1, 2010

H- A- double L- O- W- double E -N spells HALLOWEEN!!!

We had so much fun this year taking Addyson trick or treating !! She loved it! Thursday our gym had a trunk or treat and lots of fun activities. Addyson had a blast! The city of Rexburg had a fire truck out there and Addyson would not stop staring at it. Everywhere we walked she had her eyes glued to that thing. Which in turn caused her to fall several times and run into all the kids in front of her. Friday night we went to Melaleuca. They have a big party every year. She just loved gettting candy from everyone. And saturday night we went to our old wards trunk or treat. IT WAS HUGE! We got to see lots of people from our old ward. We had a blast! Saturday during the day we had our 2nd annual pumpkin carving party with Mitch and Melanie. The Taits joined us this year too! We had so much fun and everyone's pumpkin looked awesome!! It was a long weekend  but we had so much fun. Here are some pics from our fun filled weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WOW! It's been a long time

I had no clue that it has been like 4 months since i last posted something. We have a lot of catching up to do. July, August and september flew by. We had both Jason's and Addyson's birthday. Addyson turned 2 and Jason 26. I post pics of Addyson's party but not Jason's. We had a fun little get together with a few friends. Sydney turned 2 months old. She is such a sweet little baby and we love having her in our family.

August we got to go down to Salt Lake and see my good friend Katie Jackson and her family. It was alot of fun. We also got to see my other Tory and her family while we were there. It had been like 5 years since i had last seen Tory. It was so nice to get together with Kate and Tory and have a our kids play together.
September was a treat! Not only was it my birthday and my husband bought me great gifts, but my mom and sister came to visit me for a WEEK!!! We had so much fun together! My mom took us to yellowstone too! That was so cool. We had a blast there and got a lot of cool pictures.
October has been more relaxed. Sydney turned 5 months!! I can't believe she is so big! Addyson LOVES her sissy or Nenny  as she calls her. They are so cute together. Addyson loves to make Sydney laugh. It is a treat to watch them together.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Addyson turns 2!

I can't believe i have a 2 year old!!! It is crazy to me how fast time has flown!  She is so big and a personality as big as the the sky. She is talking alot more now. She love to read and sing. She is constantly walking around with a book in her hand. She LOVES babies! Ever since Sydney came home she will wrap anything she can find up in a blanket and put it in her highchair or Sydney's swing. She is so cute! She refuses to go to sleep or take a nap unless you read her book " You are special".I just love this little girl more thank anything.

Addyson I want you to know how much we love you. You are such a joy to have in our family. I never understood love until I had you. Now i understand the love that Heavenly Father has for all his children.I feel so blessed that he trusts us enough to send you to our family.  You are so smart and so funny. I just love to watch you learn and grow.   I hope you had a wonderful birthday. We love you so very much.